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Activare Furious Gold - Pack 12


Activare Pack 12 - Furious Gold Box

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Furious Gold Pack 12 contains Samsung Code Reader module, developed for Samsung cell phones unlock. Samsung Code Reader allows user to repair firmware, read unlock codes, write flash and unlock unlimited quantity of Samsung mobile phones.

*69 USD will be added to your Furious Gold account with the purchase of Furious Gold Pack 12.

Furious Gold Pack 12 Support for Samsung Code Reader

Supported Features:

  • Direct unlock
  • Read security
  • Read unlock codes from a phone
  • Repair phone firmware (to original)
  • Reset phone code and settings to factory default
  • Write flash (full security recalculation)
  • Write LP (language change)

Supported Samsung Phones:

  • Galaxy Mini 2 S6500, Galaxy S II LTE i727R, I9300 Galaxy S III, AT&T A927, AT&T Flight 2, AT&T Galaxy Note 4G, AT&T Galaxy Note I717, AT&T Galaxy Note LTE, AT&T Galaxy S Captivate, AT&T Galaxy S Glide, AT&T Galaxy S2 LTE, AT&T Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, AT&T Galaxy S3, AT&T Galaxy Tab 7, AT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9, AT&T Gidim, AT&T I717, AT&T I727, AT&T I727R, AT&T I747, AT&T I897, AT&T I927, AT&T I927R, AT&T I957, AT&T I987, AT&T S2, AT&T SGH-I717, AT&T SGH-I747, AT&T SGH-I897, AT&T SGH-I927, AT&T SGH-I957, AT&T SGH-I987, Docomo Galaxy S2, Docomo N033, Docomo SC-02C, Docomo SC-04D, Rogers Galaxy S Captivate, Rogers I896, Rogers SGH-I896, B5330, B5510, B6520, B7300, B7330, B7510, Corby Smartphone, Galaxy 3, Galaxy 550, Galaxy Ace Hugo Boss, Galaxy Ace La Fleur, Galaxy Ace Plus, Galaxy Ace VE, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Apollo, Galaxy Chat, Galaxy Europa, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Lite, Galaxy Mini 2, Galaxy Mini, Galaxy Naos, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note 2 4G, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Pocket, Galaxy Portal, Galaxy Pro, Galaxy S CN, Galaxy S FEMME, Galaxy S Giorgio Armani, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 4G, Galaxy S3, Galaxy SL, Galaxy Spica, Galaxy Suit, Galaxy Tab 10.1 3G, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Tab 7 Wifi, Galaxy Tab 7, Galaxy Teos, Galaxy Txt, Galaxy W, Galaxy Xcover, Galaxy Y Pro, Galaxy Y, Galaxy Young, Galaxy, I5500, I5503, I5700, I5800, I5801, I6410, I7500, I8000, I8150, I8700, I9000, I9000B, I9000L, I9000M, I9000T, I9001, I9003, I9008, I9010, I9020, I9020A, I9020T, I9023, I9032, I9088, I9100, I9100L, I9100P, I9103, I9103B, I9103L, I9220, I9250, I9300, I9305, N7000, N7100, N7105, Nexus S, Note 2 4G, Omnia 2, Omnia 7, Omnia Lite, Omnia Pro 5, Omnia Pro, P1000, P1000L, P1000M, P1000N, P1000T, P1010, P7500, P7501, S3, S5300, S5360, S5363, S5369, S5570, S5570B, S5570I, S5570L, S5571, S5578, S5660, S5660L, S5660M, S5660V, S5670, S5670B, S5670L, S5690, S5690I, S5690L, S5690M, S5690R, S5830, S5839, S5839i, S6500, S7500, T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G, T-Mobile Galaxy S Blaze 4G, T-Mobile Galaxy S Fascinate 3G+, T-Mobile Galaxy S2, T-Mobile Galaxy S3, T-Mobile Galaxy Tab, T-Mobile Hercules, T-Mobile SGH-T769, T-Mobile SGH-T849, T-Mobile SGH-T959, T-Mobile SGH-T959D, T-Mobile SGH-T959P, T-Mobile SGH-T959V, T-Mobile SGH-T989, T-Mobile SGH-T999, T-Mobile T769, T-Mobile T849, T-Mobile T959, T-Mobile T959D, T-Mobile T959P, T-Mobile T959V, Vodafone V360 M1, i8190 S3 Mini, S7562 Galaxy Trend Duos, B2100, B2700, B2703, B3410, B5702, B5722, B5722C, B7722, B7722i, C3212, C3212I, C3222, C3222W, C3260, C3262, C3300, C3300D, C3300I, C3300K, C3303, C3303i, C3303K, C3322, C3500, C3510, C3518, C3520, C3610, C3610C, C3630, C3630C, C3730, C3730C, C3780, C3782, C5010, C5010B, C5010E, C5110, C5130, C5212, C5212i, C6112, E1050, E1050V, E1055G, E1055T, E1070, E1070C, E1070M, E1070T, E1075, E1075L, E1080, E1080C, E1080F, E1080i, E1080T, E1080W, E1081T, E1083C, E1085, E1085F, E1085L, E1085T, E1086, E1086i, E1086L, E1087, E1087T, E1088, E1100, E1100C, E1100H, E1100T, E1105F, E1105T, E1107, E1110, E1110C, E1113, E1113C, E1117, E1117L, E1120, E1120C, E1125, E1125W, E1130, E1130B, E1150, E1150C, E1150i, E1153, E1155L, E1160, E1160I, E1170, E1170i, E1170T, E1172, E1175, E1175T, E1178, E1180, E1182, E1182L, E1190, E1195, E1200, E1200M, E1200T, E1202, E1207, E1207T, E1210, E1210M, E1210S, E1220, E1220I, E1225, E1225F, E1225T, E1230, E1252, E1310, E1310B, E1310C, E1310E, E1310M, E1310S, E1360, E1360B, E1360C, E1360M, E1360S, E2100, E2100B, E2100C, E2120, E2120B, E2120C, E2120i, E2120L, E2121, E2121B, E2121L, E2130, E2152, E2152L, E2210, E2210B, E2210C, E2210H, E2210L, E2210T, E2250, E2252, E2370, E2510, E2510C, E2550, E2550D, E2550L, E2558, E3210, E3213, E3213K, Galaxy Ace 2, Galaxy S Advanced, Galaxy S3 Mini, I6320, I6320C, I6330, I6330C, I8160, I8190, I8530, I9070, J800, J800R, J808, L700, L708, L708E, M2310, M2710, M3200, M3510, M3510C, S3 Mini, S3100, S3110, S3570, S3572, S3600, S3600i, S3601, S3601C, S3710, S3770, S3830, S3830U, S3930, S3930C, S5050, S5200, S5200C, S5550, S5550U, S5610, Beat S M3200, Chat C3222, B5702c, E1088C, C5130S, C5130U, C5010D, S5610K, I9505, Galaxy S4 LTE, Galaxy S4 4G, Galaxy S3 T999, Galaxy S2 T989, Galaxy S3 I747, B3410C, E2152i, S3600h, S5050c, E2100L, E1050 CHN, E1080f MEA, E1080 SEA, E1080t SEA, E1081t IND, J808e, M2710c, M2710L, M3510L, E1081t MEA, E1081t SEA, E1085F MEA, E1100t SEA, E1107 SEA, E1110 EUR, E1110 SEA, E1117 IND, E1117 MEA, E1125 SEA, E1150 CHN, E1150 MEA, E1150 SEA, E1160 SEA, E1175t IND, E1175t MEA, E1190 CHN, E1195 CHN, E1225t IND, S5830b, S5830c, S5830L, P1000r, I9100t, S3110c, S3600c, S5830d, S5830t, A927, B2100B, B2100C, B3410L, B3410R, B3410W, B5330, B5510, B5510B, B5510L, B5712C, B6520, B7300, B7330, B7330b, B7510, B7510L, B7722M, C3510T, C5212C, E1086W, E1100F, E1153I, E1195L, E1220T, E1230G, E1230T, E2130B, I5500, I5500B, I5500L, I5500M, I5503, I5503B, I5503T, I5700, I5700e, I5700L, I5800, I5800L, I5801, I6410, I717, I717D, I717M, I717R, I727, I727R, I747, I747M, I7500, I7500L, I7500U, I8000, I8000L, I8150, I8150B, I8150T, I8160L, I8160P, I8190L, I8190N, I8700, I896, I897, I9000, I9000M, I9000T, I9001, I9003, I9008, I9010, I9020, I9020A, I9023, I9070P, I9088, I9100, I9100G, I9100M, I9100P, I9103, I9250, I9250M, I927, I9300, I9300P, I9300T, I9305, I9305B, I9305N, I9305T, I957, I957R, I987, N7000, N7000B, N7100, N7100T, N7105, N7105T, P1000, P1000L, P7500, P7500M, P7500R, P7501, S3100C, S3600L, S5300, S5300B, S5300C, S5300L, S5360, S5360B, S5360L, S5360T, S5363, S5369, S5570, S5570B, S5570D, S5570I, S5570L, S5578, S5660, S5660B, S5660M, S5670, S5670B, S5670D, S5670L, S5690, S5690B, S5690L, S5690M, S5690R, S5830, S5830I, S5830K, S5830M, S5830V, S5839I, S6102, S6102B, S6500, S6500D, S6500L, S6500T, S7500, S7500L, S7500T, S7500W, S7562, S7562L, Galaxy S Duos, Galaxy Y Duos, I9190, S4 Mini, B7732, C6112c

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