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Produs virtual Activare Polar Box Licenta Gold Extinde

Activare Polar Box Licenta Gold


Activare Polar Box Licenta Gold


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Acceptam plata cu cardul

With Golden Activation for Polar Box 3 you'll get all three Polar Box activation licenses unlimited for 1 year. If you already own one of the Polar Box licenses, they will still be available when Gold License period expires.
Polar Box 3 is a powerful multiplatform solution that supports almost 60 cell phone brands and over 1500 models.

Note! If you're using old Polar Box 2 Metal Version, you should upgrade your box in order to use future updates from Polar Box Team! Since the end of October 2011 you won't be able to access the server! So, be sure to upgrade your Metal Polar Box 2 to Plastic Version with P3-Card dongle.

LICENSE 1LG, Samsung, ZTEPermanent140 credits
LICENSE 2Blackberry, HTCPermanent200 credits
LICENSE 3Sagem, Modems, VodafonePermanent140 credits

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09.12 - 08.12 - GRT Dongle Hardware v1.0.0.1

09.12 - BMT Pro v36

09.12 - HUA Box AIO v1.2.4

09.12 - Falcon Box v4.8

09.12 - UMTv2 / UMT Pro - UltimateSams v0.2

08.12 - Miracle FRP Thunder v1.28

08.12 - Infinity Samsung `SM` v2.05

06.12 - Octoplus FRP v1.5.3

06.12 - Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung v2.7.6

03.12 - GRT Dongle LG v1.0.0.0

02.12 - Miracle Thunder v2.88

29.11 - Octoplus JTAG Pro v1.7.0

29.11 - Medusa Pro v1.7.0