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Activation Code for Updating R-Sim Mini, R-Sim Mini 2, R-Sim Pro, R-Sim 9 Gold Extinde

Cod activare Update R-Sim Mini, R-Sim Mini 2, R-Sim Pro, R-Sim 9 Gold


Cod activare Update R-Sim Mini, R-Sim Mini 2, R-Sim Pro, R-Sim 9 Gold

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Acceptam plata cu cardul

R-SIM RPATCH For iOS7.1-7.X operation method

The first step:Connect your iPhone with WIFI(Make sure that network speed is good), and open your iPhone desktop Safari web browser(as the following picture)



The second step:Please input LTE3G/4G USIM Cards patch address:, and please click “GO”, and then click “Install the patch immediately”



The third step:Please click “Install”, it will show the icon”Installing....” on the desktop.



The fourth step:After finishing the above steps, the desktop will show a blue and red icon about complete “Rpatch Tool”, and please click the R-SIM Logo icon again, And click the first "Install LTE Rpatch" in Rpatch Store installation interface,then select the corresponding models and iOS(for example you should choose 5c/5s Ios:7.1 if your iPhone is 5 s Ios7 s).PS:Navigation menu has function of the corresponding connection and updating patch in the Rpatch store.


The fifth step:it will show the picture of activation code after click Patch for LTE, please type 12 digit Activation codes in the Activation code space, then click “OK ( PS:This activation code only is usded for the Rpatch software.It is different from the old activation code that it begins with "R" or "W" and can not useed for the old activation code software.)




The sixth step:it will show “Success!”after type the right Rpatch code,then coick “OK”,means installation complete .(you can can arbitrarily changethe the key of Patch for LTE after installation complete,please attention : you do not need to do it again after type the right activation code. Just click the “OK”when prompted to type the activation code patches)




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